Aquatic Consulting Services

Certifications (PDF format, 44KB) Updated April-2015 



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United States Coast Guard
Merchant Mariner Credential (Reference number: 2574253)
•    Master Near Coastal – 100 Tons (Captain’s License)
•    Sailing Endorsement
•    Towing Endorsement
•    Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers Endorsement
•    Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC)

FCC Amateur Radio (HAM) License
•    General Class Operator
•    Technician Class Operator
FCC Registration #0017008871
Call Sign: KI6MBK (Kilo India Six Mike Bravo Kilo)

National Swimming Pool Foundation
•    Certified Pool Operator Instructor
•    Certified Pool Operator

National Spa & Pool Institute
•    NSPI Certified Service Professional

Professional Association of Diving Instructors
•    Basic SCUBA Diver

National Association of Underwater Instructors
•    SCUBA Diver
•    Sport Diving

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
•    Sailing and Seamanship – “Engines”, “Tuning & Variant Rigs”, “Trailer Sailing”, “Equipment”, “Piloting” and “Radiotelephone”
•    Coastal Piloting – “Atlantic”
•    Coastal Piloting – “Pacific”

Sailboats, Inc.
•    Bareboat Charter Certificate

California Department of Boating and Waterways
•    California Boating Safety

U.S. Sailing
•    Safety-at-Sea

Aquatic Council of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
•    Master Clinician of Aquatic Liability

Latitudes & Attitudes
•    Advanced Cruising Seminar

First Aid Web, Inc. and National Health & Safety Foundation
•    Basic First Aid
•    Adult/Child/Infant CPR

Maritime Institute, Inc.
•    Shipboard Emergency First Aid & CPR
•    Master Near Coastal – NMT 100 Tons (Captain’s License) with Sailing Endorsement, Towing Endorsement and SCTW-95 Endorsement (CPR, First Aid, Personal Survival, Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities, Fire Fighting)



National Spa & Pool Institute
•    Professional Pool & Spa Operator Instructor
•    NSPI Instructor

Save-A-Life Educators
•    Adult/Child CPR and First-Aid

American Red Cross
•    Volunteer Safety Specialist
•    Water Safety Instructor Trainer
•    Water Safety Instructor
•    Infant and Preschool Aquatic Program Instructor Trainer
•    Lifeguard Instructor Trainer
•    Lifeguard Training Instructor
•    Lifeguard Training
•    Advanced Lifesaving and Water Safety
•    IHSE Instructor
•    Introduction to Health Services Education
•    Sailing Instructor
•    Basic Sailing
•    Canoeing Instructor
•    Canoeing
•    Instructor: Swimming for the Handicapped
•    Multimedia First Aid Instructor
•    Multimedia First Aid
•    Standard First Aid
•    CPR Instructor – BLS
•    CPR Instructor – Lecture
•    CPR – Basic Life Support for the Professional Rescuer
•    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – Adult, Infant and Child
•    Basic Life Support in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
•    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – Modular System

Ellis & Associates
•    National Pool & Waterpark Lifeguard Training Program Instructor
•    National Pool & Waterpark Lifeguard “Deep Water Lifeguard”
•    National Pool & Waterpark Lifeguard “Special Facilities”
•    YWCA Lifeguard

American Heart Association
•    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation “C”
•    Basic Cardiac Life Support

State of Florida Department of Education
•    Teacher’s Certificate – Physical Education – Elementary and Secondary
•    Teacher’s Certificate – Health Education – Secondary 7-12

State of Ohio Department of Education
•    Physical Education – High School 7-12
•    Health Education – High School 7-12

State of Michigan Department of Education
•    Health, Physical Education and Recreation – K-12
•    Mathematics – Grades 9-12
•    All Subjects – Grades 7-8

Greater Cleveland Swimming Pool Management and Operations Committee
•    Swimming Pool Management and Operations

Montgomery County, Maryland
•    Swimming Pool Operator’s License

Prince George’s County, Maryland
•    Swimming Pool Management – Operator License

Jack’s Magic
•    Certified Stain Specialist

Notary Public
Notary Public of the State of California, Commission Number 1141955
Term: June 14, 1997 – June 13, 2001
Member: American Society of Notaries


Just for Fun

Jules’ Undersea Lodge
•    Aquanaut

The African Queen
•    Captain’s License

•    Seaman

Sky Warriors
•    Air Combat Maneuvering Tactics, Phase I, Beech T-34A fighter trainers

U.S. Space Academy
•    Wings, Adult Program, Level I

Wilton Cake Decorating
•    Wilton, Level I
•    Wilton, Level II
•    Wilton, Level III